sarb_033 (sarb_033) wrote,

David Grossmann

Оригинал взят у soyka62 в David Grossmann
           Brightly Clouded Sky.20 x 34 inches. oil on linen on panel
          Coming. 14x24 inches.Oil
          Quiet Places, oil on linen on panel, 30 x 40 in
          Sunlight Behind the Aspen Grove, oil, 20 x 34.
          Across the Meadow and Blue Sky.Oil on Linen Panel 20 x 34 inches
          Deer and Winter.12 x 16 inches
          First Patch of Autumn Color 20 x 34 Inches
          Gracefully Toward Evening. 50 x 30 Inches
          Saplings and Shadows on a Bright Winter Morning.10 x 8 inches
          Scattered Yellow Leaves.20 x 34 inches
          Twisting Autumn Saplings. 24 x 18 inches
          The Moon and Scattered Aspen Trunks
          Trunks and Sky in Winter.8 x 10 inches
          February Lines and Patches.
          Among the Fallen Leaves
          From Inside of an Aspen Grove.
          картинки кликабельны


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